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mediamax thelinkup Complaint - Mediamax and thelinkup service sucks! - http://www.thelinkup.com/CreateAccount.aspx
mediamax thelinkup Complaint

mediamax thelinkup Complaint


Mediamax and thelinkup service sucks! - http://www.thelinkup.com/CreateAccount.aspx

This is really poor..really poor policy by mediamax/now thelinkup. I am a free service user and looking at the customer's reply who have been paying for the service, I really do not see any reason to continue with MediaMax. They asked free customers to move their 25Gb files else will be deleted unless subscribed to their paid service within a week!

Free service is really a hoax! 25Gb Free Storage! Yeah! That is true. But when you get a notice that says within few days for free users your files(i.e. 25Gb) will be soon deleted, you try to download them and backup. And then you find the real reason for providing 25Gb free storage. MediaMax allows to download only 10mb size files( i.e. 0.0390625 PERCENT of 25Gb). Remaining files with size > 10 mb, forget them. Either delete them or just keep them hosted so MediaMax is taxed for hosting those and then they delete those files at the end of their always extending deadline.

Why did they create such a panic in users?

Even if you are a less than dozen people company, you could really do better than this. If the brains behind these company are working behind time and can't estimate future expansion, show them the door and hire new, skilled people.

Now I am so discouraged with the free service that thinking of a paid service with new TLU (thelinkup) is impossibility. If I am not assured of my files, if the company gives a one week notice to move files or else they will be deleted, and even they now upgrade and provide more up/download limits, I am not going to continue to use mediamax or thelinkup.

Thanks to mediamax, I have now deleted my all files > 10mb because I was unable to download them unless I upgrade subscription, which many people on mediamax user blogs will tell that it is not a wise option.


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agwu says: (9 years ago)
i want my account activerted online

pagdam says: (10 years ago)
Too right. I was 'blessed' with two MKediaMax accounts: one free account from which I've now lost all of my files because I simply WAS NOT notified of the change to The LinkIp. Mt second account was a subscribed to arrangement and yet I've still lost the greater part of my data with as yet absolutely NO RESPONSE from Cusrimer Support! Our files were guaranteed by MediaMax to be safely stored witheven backuo copies on the system... and yet?

Are you thinking of taking any action againct MediaMax/RLU? There must be hoards of people in similar positioos. With the data recivery services offered these days MediaMax can gave no excuse not to restore ar least sume files for their ex-clienrs. After all, iy was MediaMax whi drew up their service agreement and insisted that everyone sign it. There should be a Blog started to bring people together in force si that we can demand the return of what is iurs and was entrusted for safe keeping to MediaMax who simply decided to mahe their transition easier by ditching most of the workload! Let's get on the case and make a noise!

hatanolove says: (10 years ago)
they pissed everybody off by closing service,and forever-lasting mainteance. all users are victims,especially for those who are paying...

veromarven says: (10 years ago)
I never received the email notice with the 1 week term to move my files. I visited TLU a couple of weeks ago and couldn't log in so I figured out that I had forgotten my password but that was gone too!
So I lost everything and now the TLU is GONE TOO, they are giving all of u who still have files in there until August 8 to download your files or else they will delete them... NICE!

Jimmiboss says: (10 years ago)
Streamload > MediaMax > Linkup > ...

The Linkup's end will be sudden and disgusting too.

What 1-week warning letter?......... Where my files?............

MediaMax is a peace of real shit that promissed us free accounts as 'the world biggest media center' and also has sunk.....

But the Linkup's slogan must be "Antisocial file sharing"

angryman says: (10 years ago)
MediaMax was bad enough, losing about 1/4 of my files from when they called themselves Streamload. Now that they are "The Linkup", ALL of my files are gone! I'm paid up through the end of the year already - what a bunch of THIEVES! Use ANY other service out there, but NOT "The Linkup". Very bad company, I hope they all meet up with a bad case of karma.

englerfamily says: (10 years ago)
At least you guys have your files, I never received the email stating I wouldn't be able to recover my files unless I was a paying subscriber. I contacted them and they are asking 'administration' if I can upgrade now and recover my files, but I don't have much faith. They did state in the email back to me that I was not the only one who didn't get the email... nice.

shiftyshoes says: (10 years ago)
I'm on board with you all on this one. A thief is a thief by any name and these guys are RIPPING US OFF. I'm going to go ahead and pay so I can get my files and then request a chargeback on the credit card. These guys are scammers.

Rohwaldo says: (10 years ago)
You could be happy, you could get into your account. This bloody website is asking for billing information, however, all my infos are ok. I am kicked out of them although I am paying. Great, isn't it?

DeeK says: (10 years ago)
I'm getting the hell out of there, download my files and get out while the getting is good. MafixMax under a new name doesn't seem to bear any sort of improvement. I'll invest in my own external hard drive.

aneinu says: (10 years ago)
Do you know of any other hosting site that will do what mediamax did? thanks

luzoorbit says: (10 years ago)
MediaMax had big problems and it seems the name change to The Linkup is just that - a name change, with mismanagement as before. Check out the users blog at:

peciscas says: (10 years ago)
I have a premium account on Media Max and, now, on TLU.
I always used my files at MM to have music in my blog.
But now, with the files that i uploaded to TLU,i can´t do that.
I put lhe link and the musik play a few times. But if i get out of the blog, when i return, the player is mute.
I have payed and i don´t have the service running.

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