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mediamax thelinkup Reviews

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    I JUST GOT THIS EMAIL: MediaMax / The Linkup is closing We regret to inform you that we will be closing The Linkup service on Friday, August 8 at 5:00 pm PDT. Please login to your account and download any files that you wish to keep before Friday, August 8 at 5:00 pm PDT. The Linkup is no longer accepting any uploads or new accounts, and no further charges will be made to your credit card. After August 8, your account will not be accessible, all your personal information will be deleted (username, billing information, history, etc), and your files will be deleted. It was not... More...
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    98p6's Picture   98p6    0 Comments   Comments

    This is a serious nightmare. With no warning thelinkup deleted over 200 TERRABYTES of files I had stored. I was supposedly grandfathered in pricewise since streamload at $19.95 for 50 gigs of dl and unlimited uploads. Now for $29.95 they deleted all my files except one 20 kb chapter of one of my books AND now I have upload caps of 200 gigs. This is total bait and switch and the fact that they did this with zero warning, zero emails, and zero chance to even recover some of my files is absurd. I put up with years of mediamax sucky service simply because they had my files hostage. And now... More...
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    suteishichic's Picture   suteishichic    6 Comments   Comments
  • misleading comments

    Not all people's complaints are only about the lost data....the person who has left the last comment with the title: YOU DID IT, is either working for mediamax/the link up/ streamload or totally missing the point. These are the real problems with this company: 1. So many customers are being charged and have been charged for the non- existing services during this so-called transition. You can see many complaints of this kind on 2. Almost all of these customers have spent many hours for creating URLs to the their websites and weblogs. With the files... More...
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    Sammy's Picture   Sammy    0 Comments   Comments

    Can someone please tell me if MM/The Linkup Customer Service actually replies to it's customers? Today was the first time visited MM after 2 months earlier. BUT I am NO LONGER ABLE to LOG INTO my account -- as a current PAYING customer! My email address and PW associated with my account are no longer recognized. Nor did I ever receive any "activation code" in order to enable whatever "transition" customers needed to make in order to access their current accounts. Any info as to whether the MM/Linkup Customer Service peeps actually RESPOND to their customers'... More...
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    voxpopgirl's Picture   voxpopgirl    3 Comments   Comments
  • Lost files

    I also received no notification, my files are gone and support says they are probably not retrievable. Lost photos, documents... very sorry I used this service. Technical contacts for Mediamax: Steve Iverson 185 West F. Street Suite #430 San Diego, CA 92101 US Phone: 619-233-9914 Email: Thelinkup Steve Iverson 600 B Street #1850 San Diego, CA 92101 US (619)233-9914 More...
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    steve's Picture   steve    0 Comments   Comments
  • Mediamax

    I agree with the others, I've been with them for 4 years and this was done without any notice and customer service is missing in action.. I have stored over 400 of my original shows and they are all missing now... all get is a form letter reply saying all the files will be moved.. last year when they switched from streamload to mediamax i was without access for over 2 months.. all the while being charged... Is there any help out there to get real answers? More...
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    jungleman's Picture   jungleman    0 Comments   Comments
  • POOR customer service

    My husband had a free account with MediaMax and received no warning that this change-over was going to happen. All of our photos were stored there as backup. We recently had a terrible computer virus that required the hard drive to be completely wiped. We thought that we could just download our "backup" pictures from Mediamax, but found the site shut down. Fortunately, we did have previous CD backups of our photos...we are now missing about 1 year of photos of our little girls. Completely unaccpetable. Apparently there were a few customers that did get notice of this, but it... More...
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    andy's Picture   andy    0 Comments   Comments
  • Don't use them

    Once I finally have available to me the files that I can actually salvage, having been a paying subscriber, I'm running away from this company as quickly as I can, and not looking back. In fact they should be prevented from being allowed to operate at all, their recent tactic was so mafioso in nature, pay us or lose. I'm just glad that when doing a search for media max and the linkup one can now find the complaints first so that they are forewarned. More...
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    DeezerQ's Picture   DeezerQ    1 Comments   Comments
  • Mediamax and thelinkup service sucks!

    This is really poor..really poor policy by mediamax/now thelinkup. I am a free service user and looking at the customer's reply who have been paying for the service, I really do not see any reason to continue with MediaMax. They asked free customers to move their 25Gb files else will be deleted unless subscribed to their paid service within a week! Free service is really a hoax! 25Gb Free Storage! Yeah! That is true. But when you get a notice that says within few days for free users your files(i.e. 25Gb) will be soon deleted, you try to download them and backup. And then you find... More...
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    udh2008's Picture   udh2008    13 Comments   Comments


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